How is Direct Mailing beneficial?

Direct Mails might not make sense to new-age business owners in the age of emails until they see and realize the success rate behind direct mail marketing. Numbers say that up to 90% of the direct mails get opened compared to the emails. This is because people receive fewer direct mails every day, and it is not something they can swipe away from their eyes like digital mail.

Many companies use direct mail marketing to promote a sales offer or a new launch. If not in detail, people at least read the mail’s overall contents. So get started with your direct mail in Pickering, ON today.

This article throws light on how direct mail is an effective marketing tool.

How is Direct mail more useful than E-mail?

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  • First, there is no junk or spam folder where your mail might end up after a few messages or right away.
  • Legitimate addresses of people could be found and mailed to their houses, while finding a valid email is a challenging task.
  • You need to verify the email submitted to you before mailing; otherwise, your mails might get reported or automatically end up in spam folders due to bounce-back rates.
  • In real life, finding the addresses of the potential customer is difficult, but you never end up with a false address.
  • People can skip your emails quickly, but in direct mail, they have to look at them, even if they want to throw them away. If not for anything else, they use the paper at least as a recyclable product.
  • You can explain things better in a physical format than in an email, where the people’s attention is significantly less.
  • Direct mailing makes your brand look more genuine and credible. More people show interest in your project because they get physical assurance, which is unavailable in the virtual world.


Direct mails are still more relevant and efficient than emails. This kind of marketing is a must for your business and attracts local customers to grow your business. The best direct mailing is cheaper and more precise, with a higher lead generation percentage.