Selecting a professional handyman

Selecting a professional with whom you feel comfortable is essential when hiring a handyman. To ensure you are satisfied with your handyman, ask for references from previous customers and perform a reference check.

Handyman’s Rates

Ask your handyman how much you will be paying for his services. Any good work should be reasonably priced, and his rates should be compliant with the local laws.

Employer’s Liability

Since the average homeowner is likely not to have the funds to hire a professional, it is essential to clarify with your handyman that there is no worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance coverage. Once hired, you are responsible for providing him with adequate tools and materials and covering any injuries that occur during the job. If this is not clear upon hiring, consider hiring a contractor out of state whose license has been adequately screened and pre-vetted.

Job Safety

Be sure to perform a site-safety assessment with your handyman in my area in Westlake, OH before work begins. Be sure to inspect the site for any hazards that may exist.

handyman servicesDocumentation of Work Performed

Be sure you have detailed documentation of the work performed in a written contract that includes what is being fixed and the definition of completion. Also, make specific notes about any additions or subtractions from the original contract. If you are unclear on what the terms of your agreement entail, discuss them in detail with your handyman before signing any contract. It is also essential to be clear about the payment amount and payment schedule and how you will receive your goods delivered back home if applicable.


Finally, you must protect your interests by ensuring a written agreement of guarantees is included in the contract. This ensures that the work or parts will be fixed and completed as initially contracted. It also provides that should an issue arise that threatens your home and property, there will be an indemnity for repairs and replacements.

All in all, hiring a professional handyman can help give you peace of mind. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible about how the job will be completed and what can happen if things do not go as planned.