What is mirrorkote sticker means?

The mirrorkote stickers are also known as the cast coated paper due to its mirror like gloss appearance on its surface and it is called as the mirrorkote stickers. Where this mirrorkote stickers printing is made by first coating the base paper along with the binder and fine pigments then the coated surface is allowed for drying in a cylindrical chrome plated casting drum.

The mirrorkote stickers are one of the most popular type of the stickers and this type of the stickers are often found to be the first choice of the customers because of its cheap price, easy to find and its quality compared to other types of the stickers. When comparing to other types of the stickers the mirrorkote stickers are suitable one for the business development in terms of cost savings and it is often found to be the preferred choice of the entrepreneurs.

mirrorkote sticker printingAdvantages of using mirrorkote stickers printing

The basic mirrorkote sticker is of water resistant and this sticker gives you a royal look for promoting your business products however this sticker can be added with the laminate layer after completing the mirrorkote sticker printing where this is to make it waterproof one.

There are several types of the mirrorkote stickers but only two types are applicable one to the Malaysian market. These mirrorkote can be used for any type of the business promotions such as for chips, cookies, cakes and cookies, brownies and chocolates and for promoting and branding many other business products.