Agreatermedium for financial transactions

The world is changing fast and the countries are trying to close their border. Because of the changing polices throughout the world, the economy is facing a lot of disruptions and it is time to think about the alternative for the transactions carried out in the financial sector. In this scenario, it is very important to know the recentdevelopments in the financial world for any investor. So if you need to get better results form the investment, it is good to reach the online sitesthat is issuing freebitcoin to the people who could earn points by playing the games in that particular site. In addition you can win the bitcoin through weekly lottery games too. But before entering into the site, it is important to learn a few things about the benefits of usingbitcoin.

The transaction fee is low

The fiat currency is controlled by the central agency like bank or a government. This makes them allliable for the third party and thus the transacting person needs to provide fee to these central agencies. But by the help of free bitcoin issued through the online sites you can transfer money without nay transaction charges. This is unbelievablefor a trader who needs to handle mass volume of money within a short period of time.

free bitcoin

Higher [speed

Yet another important benefit of the bitcoin is the speed of the transaction. Because when you are trying to enjoy the transfer within a few minutes then this is possible only with the help of digitalcurrency. Especially the bitcoin with block chain technology is very fast and thus making it a favouritemedium for transactions. In addition this is capable of facing the inflation. Because the return from the bitcoin is almosttwentypercent and thus making the seven percent of inflation as a nil effect.