GTA San Andreas Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: the award-winning video game Rockstar, installed in the early 1990s on the west coast of the United States, in a fictional state, known as San Andreas. This state consists of three large cities, each of which depends to a large extent on real places. For example, one city is very similar to Las Vegas and the other is similar to San Francisco.

The games of Theft Auto Grant are known for their soundtracks, which often correspond to the time, as well as for the moral and social conventions of the time (as we saw in GTA: Vice City). Due to the time when this game was installed, it is full of songs from the early 90s, as well as several golden oldies. These tracks are distributed in several different radio stations; Each with its own style of music.

Some of the highlights of the soundtrack of GTA San Andreas include “To keep the line” Toto, “Free Bird” by LynyrdSkaynirda, “Rebelels without a Pause” from the audience, “Express Soundtrack” from NWA, “Guns N ‘Roses’ “Welcome to” Jungle “,” Rage against the car “” Murder on behalf of “,” Golden spirits of stone roses “and” Personal Jesus “Depeche Mode.

The official soundtrack of GTA San Andreas was released on November 23, 2004 around the world and became a commercial success. The soundtrack of gta san andreas download has become a legendary work, in which a whole generation is recorded in several simple songs. Those who remember most of the music of that time will be returned and will be shown instantly in the game.

GTA San Andreas Soundtrack

Free flight mission of GTA San Andreas

Free Fall is one of 100 missions in San Andreas. It is associated with three main characters. If you played the game, you know that the city of San Andreas is very large, and the developers have divided it into many parts. Some of the main parts of the city are Los Santos, Member State, Las Ventura, Los Angeles and Angel Pine.

Therefore, if you want to try Free-fall, you must finish the “Meat business”. After that, we will visit the palace of Caligula. Inside this palace, drive to the casino of Caligula. And there you have to stand on the red cylindrical marker to start the free mission of GTA San Andreas.

You execute a freefall scene. And this shows that Salvatore punishes two people for committing a crime. Although he is a criminal, he does not regret any crime. He ties these two people upside down, and orders Ken to hit them.

Then a woman named “Maria” enters the room. Maria brings some things to salvatore. He jokes with her and mocks her. Then she leaves the room. After that, the main character of the game GTA San Andreas appears. Karl calls himself a “direct murderer”. In addition, he tells Leon that he worked with his son Leone Joe. And this union was in Liberty City.

There is a gang called Corelli, and this gang is a firm opponent of the Leone family. Corelli sends some assassins to kill Leone. But Leone is smarter and sends Carl to kill all these killers.


As the free fall mission progresses, you must kill all the enemies and then you will have to fly an airplane. After that, the plane must land at the airport to end the call at the fall of GTA San Andreas and can see here now.