Different Security Guard Categories: Choose The One That Opts For You!

About a wide range of security employees across the world produce not only the property but also the people in it. The security guard sector is an essential element of the economy which has experienced massive growth in recent years. You can hire security in London. Each one has a specific meaning. Types of security guards include

  1. government contracts security Guards
  2. In house security guard
  3. contract security guards


Security guards are hired by the government and are trained to Protect and Defend the Government employees and property. Government security guards nurses have a clean criminal record before being hired.


 house security guards are hired personally by companies to work for them. In house security guards have a wide range of opportunities which include

  1. armed Guard
  2. Bank

3, Hospital and medical facility

4, Cruise ship

  1. hotels and deserves
  2. nightclub bouncers


security for hire

Contract Security  Guards are appointed by contract. When you hire security in London, they have the following security guard services

  1. Unarmed security
  2. Armed security
  3. Bodyguard
  4. Night Patrol
  5. Event security guards


Security guards do not carry guns or any other weapons that are physically sent on the property or business. The  Unarmed Security work is to patrol every location, monitor the security system, and respond to threats very quickly and effectively. The primary function is to control the crowd, searching for and finding the crime.


Armed security services are for challenging security services. Armed Security is used when the individual’s life is in danger. Armed security carries weapons, probably small firearms, at a job site. Security guards are military officers because they know about operating the Firearm.


Bodyguards are the personal security officers’ rank. The bodyguards take care of Politicians and VIPS, and they are highly trained and often referred to as Personal protection agents.


Mobile Patrol is not a constant presence. Mobile Patrol is used to patrol at a particular schedule and for emergency calls. Shergroup’s  Patrol guards are the security tagging to log times and dates off when patrolling on specific areas of the ground.


Event security is the most well-known professional Guard due to its high visibility. Event Security Guards are in charge of controlling the crowd and maintaining law and order services.

The security industry offers so many services that many people are unaware of the importance of business or individual needs.