Distinguishing the Best Cannabis Seed

The leftover seeds from the sacks are quite different from the seeds in seed bank and dispensary; they can be hermaphroditic or male, not able to germinate and weak and prone to stress & genetic disease – or may not.

It’s possible to decide the best quality of the cannabis seeds as per their appearance. For instance, immature seeds (small, shriveled, brittle, and grey or green) and the old seeds (cracked & dry) have the less success rate for the germination. These are planted (and produce flowers) however must not be bought.

The healthy seeds must be of dark brown with the glossy finish & free from the cracks. Shell must be firm (it must not break under any minor pressure) or stored in the dark, cool, and air-tight container.

Feminized and Standard Seeds

Lots of cannabis seed distributors and vendors sell feminized cannabis for higher cost tag than the standard seeds because of effort that is involved in the production & higher likelihood of producing the female plant. It is favorable for the personal growers that are limited on the plant count. The feminized seeds are made by cross-breeding 2 female plants or forcing single female to get stressed & pollinate herself.  Results are guaranteed female plant each time.

However, they will not be worth time anyway. The seeds are just pods of plant genetics. With right time, they may age & become unusable. The seeds that are past the prime aren’t worth wasting any time on.

The immature & young seeds are white and green in appearance. It’s unlikely that the seeds can germinate, and when they manage to, can take a bit longer. It’s worth to get the fresh seeds, which are of good age. With the strains having significant amounts of cannabinoids, limits are more nuanced.