Explore the waters on tandem kayaks

Kayaking is an amazing weekend hobby that’ll get you relaxed and rejuvenated. Kayaking can be an adventure sport as well as a team activity for different people. Adrenaline junkies go out looking for dangerous rapid waters to conquer while kayaking solo through forests and canyons. Most families who are interested in having a weekend recluse in their nearby lakes or calm waters of any river, consider kayaking as an excellent way to have fun, take pictures, take their dogs for a trip around the lake or go fishing in the waters. This is the reason why kayaking is catching up as a popular water sport among a large number of people across the globe.

For the best experience with kayaking, you’ll need the right kind of equipment. Better streamlined design, stability in wavy waters, tuff and sturdy build are all important safety as well as aesthetic factors to watch out while buying yourself one kayak. Tandem kayaks compared to solo kayaks are paddled by more than one person. These two or three seated kayaks are ideal for family outings where parents can take their kids alongside for kayaking. Such activities are proven to be helpful in creating better bondings among people and are sometimes used for corporate training sessions on teamwork group synergy.

tandem kayaks

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of tandem kayaks. Having a clear understanding about them can definitely help you reach the right decision on purchasing your own kayak.


-Kayaking is a great way to spend some fun time with your family and friends. With tandem kayaks, you can have one or two additional paddles on your kayak.

-Tandem kayaks are longer, and wider which improves the stability of the boat in the water. It has enough space to easily seat three fully grown man or women easily.

-Better storage capacity. You have enough space for keeping water bottles, bags or any necessary equipment inside the kayak.


– Tandem kayaks are longer and wider, this brings up the problem of difficulty in transporting the kayak. If you have an inflatable kayak, you can always deflate and pack them into the ba, however, plastic or fibre kayaks pose the difficulty of moving the item from one place to other.

-The storage space for a single tandem kayak is slightly lesser compared to two solo kayaks

There is a wide range of tandem kayaks for sale in the market each having advantages and disadvantages over each other. You can be assured that you’ll find the perfect one that will fit your expectations at desirable price ranges by researching a bit over the internet.