Choose westcoast for your car

Westcoast is the best automotive centre in California. They are known for providing customer with good quality of the pre owned car, satisfied customer services and for the reasonable prices compare to the market. If your choice the used cars in montclair the thus is the best place.

Why you should choose westcoast?

  • The buyers (employees) who select the used car for westcoast do a thorough check of the car before buying. They have complete knowledge about the automobiles and current market. The color, design and the features are keenly observed while buying the car for westcoast.
  • Even after the buying s completed they make sure to check the parts of the car like engine, breaks, heating and cooling system, tires and etc before they sale it.
  • The different types of pre owned car available with them are sedan, vans, SUV’s trucks and many more.
  • They also have the facility where they allow your mechanic to check the car which has planned to buy or they can also transport the car to any other centre where you want it to be checked. But the condition is that customer has to bear all the expenses.

 certified pre-owned car

  • According to their policies the customer can exchange the vehicle with other vehicle within five days of purchase. But they have a list of terms and conditions which need to be met before utilizing this option.
  • In case due to some emergency you want to cancel the sale contract you can do that with in twenty four hours of time or two hundred and fifty miles from the time of purchase. There is no need to buy any other vehicle. They also have many warty programs it you wanted any extended warranty then you can talk to the dealer and finalize one.
  • You relationship with them will not be end by the purchase as they provide best services for all the vehicles. Any way you would need regular services for your car then why not to chose someone you already know.


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