How to avoid fraud when buying vehicles online

Internet frauds is very common nowadays. We see various types of online scammers. When going to buy a vehicle online, we need to be very careful so that we can identify these frauds. Click here to know about used trucks in sacramento.

The authenticity

Question the authenticity of the ad when the advertised vehicle price is excessively cheap , which is also usually fairly new. Visit this site to know about used trucks in sacramento.

Contact only by mail

Ads that indicate that the seller can only be contacted by email are not very secure. You have to be suspicious of sellers or buyers who cannot speak on the phone (they use different excuses). Sometimes the offer includes a phone number, but it is incorrect, does not exist- then you need to be suspicious.

Writing the ad

In most cases, these ads come from poorly performed translations, so the wording is not correct at all.

The seller’s response is not very credible

One of the arguments used for the scam by the seller usually that he sells the vehicle cheap because he has gone to live in England and the vehicle now does not serve him because he has the steering wheel on the left side. In addition, they can make mistakes such as talking to you about another vehicle, since they respond with the same message to all the baits they have placed.

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 Money transfer companies

The scammer requests the sending of an amount through a company specialized in the international transfer of money. This service is a very effective method of sending money abroad to known people, but it is not designed to carry out transactions with strangers, since the recipient of the shipment cannot be tracked. There are three secure forms of payment: transfer (payments between recognized bank entities where payment can be traced); the cash on delivery (a proof of payment is provided that can be consulted from the Post Office); and the credit card (your trail can be followed to a particular address).

Beware of sending money

Do not send money as an entry, warranty, shipping or any other reason. There are many cases in which after making that payment, the seller disappears without a trace.

Intermediaries are not to be trusted

There are a lot of intermediaries whom you will find online, tell us that they can help us getting a good deal. They are not the actual seller of the vehicle. So, do not deal with any intermediaries because they are offering you a great deal. Always buy from the original seller.