Stay comfortably with homely feel at a serviced apartment

Finding the right place to stay while on a vacation or a business trip, but also looking for a more homely feel. then hotels are not for you because they are not only expensive they are also quite a hassle at times. so what to pick instead of a hotel? Well, the answer is a well-serviced apartment.

serviced apartment

One can choose from various serviced apartment orchard Singapore, where one can stay with one family, get 24×7 service and all the amenities of a hotel. Some of the benefits fo choosing a serviced apartment is:

  • Longer stays: These apartments are perfect for long stays, as one can stay like one life at one’s home without the feeling of being far away.
  • Less costly: one of the biggest factors why serviced apartments re perfect for bigger families or groups is that they are much cheaper than hotels. There are no usually hidden taxes or extra charges like room service or minibar to be added to the bill.
  • Stay together: bigger groups who want to stay together and not in separate rooms can choose services apartments. There is all kinds f amenity present in the apartment like
  • More space: hotel rooms can be constricted and small, but apartments, on the other hand, are large and spacious for one to stay comfortably.
  • Flexible stay: for longer stays, these are perfect as one can cook on their own in the kitchen, wash clothes, come and go whenever one wants without restriction while staying at serviced apartments.