Use Event Signages to your Advantage

The most important part of having a business is to promote it. The better your reach, the faster your growth. Today everybody has realized the importance of marketing and making your presence felt to generate leads. Social events and public meetings are a great way to meet other business owners and prospective clients and interact with them.

But It is not possible to make enough noise with just vocal cords. Agreed or not, the visual appeal has a better reach than anything else. Therefore, at such events, make your impression with custom event signages.

Need for Signages

  • If you are the host and looking forward to welcoming delegates, clients, and suppliers, then make sure they find their way to the event with Wayfinding signages.
  • Keep giant, attractive banners at the entrance and corners to welcome the guests and create awareness about the event.
  • Inside the venue, use signages consisting of directions for toilets, food and beverage, and emergency exits.
  • These are the basic and staple ones at every event.
  • The rest should be about your brand and the aim and theme of the program.
  • Vertical banners to welcome people and explain the aim of your brand.
  • They save you time and explain to people in fewer words with the help of pictorial representation about your brand so that you can save the vital points for your speech and presentation.

Tips to make your Signages Attractive

event signage

Make them Pop out

The colors used for signs should reflect your brand but pop out and catch the eyes of the onlookers from a distance.

Keep it Big

The bigger the Banners better the visibility. However, it is not always possible to put up giant banners due to budget and space issues. Use more prominent and clear fonts in your signages and make them legible and easily readable.

Big Vs. Small

Instead of one big one, use multiple smaller ones and place them at the eye level of the audience so that one way or the other way, people will read what is written, and hence the message will be delivered faster and better.


Signages are a great way to deliver messages and reach a wider audience. It piques curiosity about your brand. Invest in good event signage to create better leads for your business at the event. Do not step back on spending on the basic signages as they make the experience pleasant for the audience and create a good ambiance.