Important Things to Know About your Courier Insurance

We understand how daunting it is to grow a small business especially if you are in the retail industry that includes shipping and delivering of goods.

It is never an easy process or business to give people the satisfaction and the service they deserve. The same thing also goes with your employees and to all people that are involved in your business.

Let’s face it, we don’t hold what the world has for us. Today may be a great day, but tomorrow may not be so good. Today may bring good fortunes on your deliveries but tomorrow may bring unfortunate events. That’s the very reason why you needed to have a courier insurance.

medical health insurance

Why Get Insured?

Imagine yourself getting injured, and your medical health insurance will be the only thing that will save you from all of the unbudgeted hospital bills. The same scenario also goes with your courier business, you never know what tomorrow brings so better to be insured than not at all.

Most likely, getting insured means you are saving your business, your employees and your source of living. Missing a courier insurance means you can also, over time, lose your business too, or at least put it at risk.

What does Courier Insurance Cover?

It is vital that you know that your couriers spend most of their time on the road. And the road is always unpredictable, you never know when you can be involved into an accident that will surely affect the parcels you are carrying with.

However, there can be a choice of up to three levels of cover when asking for courier insurance provider, these are:

  1. TPO or Third Party Only- This type of cover is required by law. This covers third party liabilities that are present in the accident or the event.
  2. TPFT or Third Party Fire and Theft- This type of cover is almost the same with TPO however it also covers the fire and theft of the vehicle.
  3. Comprehensive- This type of cover provides the same cover that TPFT gives, but this also covers you and so is your vehicle.

Where to Get an Insurance?

Now that we have discussed a few points that you needed to know about insurance in your courier business. It is time to figure out where to get a courier insurance from an insurance provider that is reliable and safe.

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