Money of the bitcoin world

                So have you ever sent money to a friend or anyone but through banks and intermediaries? Well there’s no need for that, just use bit coin. The thing about this is that the BTC price is determined from the market value, there is no actual price given. Let’s take a closer look at this?

What is bitcoin?

            Before getting into pricing you have to know what bitcoin is. Well it is a peer to peer electronic cash system that does not require any middlemen like banks, you can send or receive it internationally. This is know to be the highest valued currency in the world, and that it is deemed as the world’s first cryptocurrency.

The pricing


            Currently the BTC price is at 7,533.52 USD, with an increment of +0.18% and will tend to keep rising or falling, but it will rarely fall into the negatives. If we take today as an example, December 23, 2019 the opening was 7,520.04 USD, and the highest was 7,646.81 USD. The market cap is at 0.137T USD. And each minute the figures will keep changing as the value of it either increases or decreases.

What is Bitcoin worth?

            Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and the value and pricing of it was extremely low considering the first few years. But later on the value of it stared to grow, and rose to $20000 in 2017. And then it plummeted to lower than $4000 before 2018. So as you can see the worth of it drops, however it is expected to rise up to $50000.