Among All, Only Opt For Durian Mao Shan Wang !

Fruits are one of the healthiest foods found on earth. They are packed with nutrition, proteins, antioxidants, etc. Fruits are high in fibre and are a good source of important vitamins and minerals. Fruits also contain antioxidants that enhance wellness, which includes flavonoids. Cardiovascular disease, inflammatory problems, cancer, and diabetes can all be reduced by eating a diet rich in fruits. Fruits are available in wide varieties that cater to different benefits, this is a thing for all. This also includes ‘durian’.

More About Durian :

Durian is a tropical fruit with a velvety pulp and a spiky oval shape and can be used in any dish be it sweet or savoury. It is a fruit that is typically confused with jackfruit. However, these two are two entirely different fruits with durian being native to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Benefits Of Consuming Durian :

  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Aids in preventing heart problems
  • Helps lower the blood sugar levels
  • Prevents forms of liver diseases

One of the major downfalls of this fruit is its pungent and funky smell. Albeit, with the given benefits the smell becomes a simple passer-by. Notwithstanding its foul odour, its flavour is widely esteemed. Like any other fruit, it also has its own set of varieties and durian mao shan wang is one of them. It is significantly known for its richest and creamiest texture. It can also be widely regarded as the Musang King.