Learn How To Make Your Fougasse: Here’s How

This lockdown has made people active in innumerable activities. They are engaged in many activities at home. Among them, the most active activity is learning to cook. Yes, it is true. Many have opted for cooking as a hobby during this current situation. The newcomers have become professionals at cooking and can cook tastier dishes than before. From where are they able to learn? Simple answer, through online. Technological advancements have changed the world. Now no one needs to hire classes for any task. Just search online and learn at ease. Cooking can also be learned online easily. Just follow the recipe step-by-step, and one will be able to cook the same item displayed on their screens. This article will help one to learn how to make your fougasse.

About fougasse and the steps to make your own.

  • Fougasse is French cuisine. It is a type of bread which is originated in France. This bread is mostly used in preparing French-styled calzone. Calzone is a food item that has cheese and bacon strips folded in a bread. One can refer this bread to a sandwich as well.
  • Now coming towards the preparations, one can easily find them on any website online. Well, this article will also help with the preparation. Given below are the cooking steps.
  1. The main thing is the ingredients. To learn how to make your fougasse, one must have bread flour, salt, dried yeast, olive oil, and lukewarm water. Regarding measurements, they are easily given online.
  2. The recommended cooking equipment is a measuring jug, mixing bowls, balloon whisk, baking paper, pizza steel, a wooden spoon, and a sharp knife. Having these recommended things will help one to make a perfect fougasse bread.
  3. The making of the dough
  • Mix bread flour, yeast, and salt in the bowl.
  • Now, Add the remaining ingredients and mix well with a spatula.
  • After the mixing, kneads the dough for about ten minutes and keeps it for one hour to double in size.

After this, shape the dough into a fougasse bread, and with the help of baking paper and pizza steel, bake it in an oven. The crisp and tasty bread is ready to eat.

Hope the procedure above is explained clearly. For more procedures, one can surf them easily online. Thank you!