So Can You Use Feminine Wipes Instead Of Toilet Paper? Let Us Find Out!

When it comes to “can you use feminine wipes instead of toilet paper,” maintaining down there, the essentials are all that is needed. However, if you want or must use a wipe (and you should!), make sure it won’t mess up the rest of the system. And, above all, bear in mind that your vagina should smell like a vagina (not flowers, candy, or a $75 Goop candle).

Keeping it tidy

Many feminine hygiene products contain chemicals or scents that can irritate the vaginal mucosa or alter its pH balance, resulting in a fishy odor. Girls and women can mitigate bad bacteria from either the rectum from accessing the vagina by brushing and front to back when they use the bathroom during the day, she adds.

Period hygiene is very important.

When a tween or teen is on her cycle, the doctor says that not much changes in terms of proper feminine hygiene – apart from understanding how to use the feminine hygiene product of choice. Parents should also discuss puberty with their daughters and cycles and the best items for them. Then they should send the girls a small box of wipes and things to take around with them.

Signs to be aware

When anything isn’t right, the vagina sends out warning signals, as does the body for every illness. Make it a point to speak to your daughter about what is normal and what isn’t. “Discharge is natural because vaginal tissues aren’t dry,” Harold explains. “An overabundance of bacteria can occur when the discharge is heavier.” Musty odors are also common, but if the odor is foul or fishy, or if you’re scratching, burning, or bleeding when you’re not on your period, it’s important to see a doctor, she says.

According to “can you use feminine wipes instead of toilet paper,” director of minimally invasive gynecology, proper feminine hygiene isn’t all that difficult. In reality, the vaginal canal does a good job of keeping things moving along on its own.