Christmas LED Lights – Are They Worth It?

In recent years there has been a slight change in the Christmas decorations lit. More and more you will find strings of Christmas lights based on LED lamps and less with standard incandescent bulbs. But what is the difference? From a technological point of view, light is generated in two different ways. In standard incandescent bulbs, which cover almost everything, before the LEDs turn on when it comes to Christmas lights, heat the incandescent wire, which will glow when electricity passes through it. Now they will be efficient, but this type of lamp also generates a large amount of thermal energy. This heat energy drains a lot of energy. The smallest incandescent bulbs will usually burn from 120 to 130 watts per 300 lines.


 Do you remember those bright red numbers?

When looking at the LED lights, they are based on the same technology as in the first hours and on the calculators. The same technology, but taken to the next level. What happens at the technical level is transmitted through a special diode, which emits light during electricity. Now, most of the energy used is used to create light and generates very little heat. The difference is that these bulbs use about 1/5 of their cousins’ red-hot energy.

Another advantage of led cluster lights is that they have a life expectancy of up to 39 times more than their cousins. But are they worth it? As prices fall, they become more and more valuable. In my experience, if you can sell them, they are worth more than that. But they have several drawbacks. First of all, they are not so bright, and their colors are not so rich. You can know when someone is using Christmas LED lights or not. But to pay homage to manufacturers, they are becoming better and brighter every year. Next, this is a true lifespan. I do not agree with the manufacturer’s claims. I have several LEDs, which are approximately two years old, and have approximately four or five light bulbs, which burn approximately 50 in a row. Therefore, these lights burn at a rate of approximately 5% per year. Also, you cannot replace them. As soon as they leave, they leave.

The question is, do I use LED Christmas lights on incandescent bulbs?

Yes, this is the answer. I was very thrifty and looked for sales of these LED light cables for Christmas and added them to my collection every year. I think you can get a good effect if you insert a few lines. Maybe I denied the electricity savings, but when I went to the led cluster lights, I did not notice a big jump in electricity. In the end, the decision is really yours.