How to arrange a contemporary interior for a single? Tips from London interior designers

A flat for a single is usually small. But if we arrange the interior well, it will be functional and full of space.A person living alone has definitely different needs than the family. In addition, most people living alone cannot afford a large apartment. Most of them live in studios or a small two-room flat. That’s why the contemporary interior design for singles is governed by its own rules. Here are some tips from the best London interior designers from: on how to arrange a contemporary interior for single people.

Multi-functional room for a single

London contemporary interior designers know that the basic principle in furnishing flats for single people is minimalism. A single person often has a room with a kitchen or a studio, and the living room is often also a bedroom and a dressing room. An excellent solution for such interiors is “2-in-1” furniture, which is a foldable construction designed as a working space, which, when fully unfolded, turns into a bed. According to the rules of contemporary interior design, furniture cannot be heavy and massive, because not only will they take up a lot of space, but also make the small room seem even smaller. Large wardrobes and high shelves should be replaced with a chest of drawers or low bookshelves. The sofas that can be slept on will work perfectly well – thanks to them even without having a separate guest room you can invite a friend to spend the night. The walls of the room should be bright. Do not hang large pictures or graphics on them, because it will optically reduce the room.

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Kitchen for a single

It is commonly believed that singles usually do not cook lunch every day, that’s why kitchen equipment should be kept to a minimum. Of course, this is not always true, but there are still many singles who prefer to invest in a microwave oven rather than a regular oven. The kitchen, however, can not do without a heating plate – just a two-burner, and also a small fridge-freezer. A small espresso machine will also be useful to the single. However, many London contemporary interior designers advise against having a dishwasher for a one-person household. It is better to decide on a single-sink, which will not take up too much space. If the kitchen is closed, a slightly larger kitchen counter at which the bar chairs can be set up can be used as a table. In the case of a kitchen annexe, a table is not really necessary – you can use the table in the room connected to it. However, the number one rule in thecontemporary house design in the UK is that the cabinets and the kitchen equipment should match the furniture set in the room in terms of style, texture and colour. A very good solution combining both rooms are furniture handles that look similar.

Bathroom for a single

For a bathroom in a single flat, it is worth choosing a shower cabin, because it occupies much less space than a bathtub. When you mount a cabin with hydro massage, the relaxation effect will be the same as after a long bath in a bathtub.In small bathrooms, an underslung toilet seat will work perfectly. A mirror cabinet should be placed above a small washbasin. When the mirror panels are placed on the opposite wall, the room will seem much larger.