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About the Bullet Camera

Many types of research have shown that the presence of cameras deters attainable intruders. With its extremely visible cylindrical form, the installation of bullet cameras can create premises Associate in a Nursing undesirable target. At Huntaway website have provided CCTV IR bullet cameras that embrace each mounted Lens IR Bullet Camera that have a long range for viewing massive areas. You will get many cctv for office Singapore systems at their website.

About the Solar Camera

At Huntaway’s website, they provide the choice of group action the new generation of star-powered solar cameras into your security system. These star cameras don’t need any power or signal lines, creating it Associate in Nursing environmentally friendly choice, relying alone on alternative energy.

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About the DVR

A DVR’s main perform is to store security camera footage to a tough drive. With most CCTV cameras capturing analog footage, a DVR converts analog signals to digital ones before press them.

Other fantastic systems and maintenance

In addition to being a CCTV provider, reseller, and seller in Singapore, Huntaway provides a variety of solutions for your security wants. As mentioned, they offer system installation and maintenance contract answers to their users. They tend to are the primary security company within the Singapore market to produce a biennial on-the-scene assurance for many of their services.

 Whether you need a one-time installation of the simplest home security camera or the creation of closed-circuit television for your property. They tend to assure the availability of the services at the foremost economical valuation.