Charms & Charm Bracelets – Much More Than Jewelry

The charm bracelets are very much like the story of life with all the charms representing a few significant moment of your life. Although all the charms that are dangling from the charm bracelet appear pretty, without any doubt, they are a lot more than only fancy trinkets. They’re milestones of your whole life. Normally people like to start the charm bracelet for marking some significant event in the lives or majority of times these bead and charm bracelets can be gifted. The bracelets are known as starter bracelet and each time any significant event takes place charm will be added to a bracelet to mark an event. For instance, the charm bracelet will be gifted to mother who will use this bracelet to mark some important milestones of her baby’s life by different charms such as pacifier, teddy bear, booties, and more.

bead and charm bracelets

Way it Started

This type of jewelry is a part of the man’s life from beginning. The bracelets were used as the amulets earlier to banish any evil eye or other evil forces. Pharaohs in Egypt wore such bracelets as the status symbol. An advent of 20th century, Queen Victoria was seen wearing such bracelets with the items like beads and crests and became highly popular. Nowadays people prefer bead and charms bracelets for various reasons. Some of them like to have it as the keepsakes and some like them because of their style statement that they make. Furthermore bead & charms bracelets are an ideal gift for all the occasions. You will gift charms for marking the daughter’s graduation day and her job. Lots of best friends wear the identical charms bracelets for representing their friendship. At times mothers also wear bead and charms bracelets for all her kids.


You will get a few nice bead and charms bracelets online and real time shops like the fashion stores or even departmental stores. Also, you may score flea markets or hotel gift stores to get best charm of your selection. The charm bracelets generally come in many different sizes that determine number of links that are available. You will add more links and remove them according to your requirements. There are different charms that have the different meanings thus you have to select the charms with proper care. For example one important thing that represents your happy home whereas elephant means the treasured memories.