To find out which camera to buy, you should consider a variety of features such as camera type (fixed lens or interchangeable lens), sensor, definition (megapixels), zoom, video mode, flash, weight, monitor, speed, HDR mode, panorama function, price, etc.


More and more consumers are using their smartphones to capture family memories. Moreover, the quality of the photos taken by the phones continues to improve. Check out our phone’s test to see which ones stand out. Despite this, there is still a market for cameras. The proof: the models are multiplying on the market. To find the best camera for you, follow the guide.

The types of cameras

 Fixed objective. best budget floor standing speakers  Small, light and easy to use, fixed-lens cameras are among the most affordable, especially compact compacts and offroads. The latter, robust and resistant to water, dust, and shocks, are good allies during your outdoor getaways. Super zooms, on the other hand, are ideal if you often photograph distant subjects (a bird on a branch, for example). On the other hand, their powerful zoom often makes them heavy and bulky. In recent years, a new category of devices has appeared on the market: expert compacts. They are small, lightweight and have a very large sensor. On the other hand, their zoom is limited and their prices, generally high. They are interesting if you are a fan of photography,

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The definition

The definition  best action camera under 100 is the number of points (or pixels) in your photo. One million pixels equals one megapixel. The larger the number, the more detailed the photo is and allows you to print in large format. But do not be fooled by a very high number of pixels. Unless you want to print posters, a resolution of 10 to 15 megapixels will be enough for you.