Social distancing and its benefits

The purposely minimizing close touch between individuals is known as social distancing. Limiting our interaction with others and using social distancing divider singapore will delay viral transmission and flatter the epidemic curve, reducing the number of patients at the height of the epidemic. It’s critical because if everyone catches coronavirus at the same time and ends up in the hospital, our medical system would be overloaded. Social separation, sometimes known as physical distance, is not always easy, and you’re not alone if you feel confused at times.


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Social isolation is critical for limiting the transmission of dangerous diseases like COVID-19. Social separation is crucial for everyone, but those at increased risk of catastrophic problems with COVID-19 should be highly cautious. The goal is to reduce the healthcare system’s burden during the epidemic’s peak so that all persons in need of assistance may receive it and lives can use some savings. It is critical to understand that close and prolonged human contact increases our transmission risk. Inadvertently coming into close vicinity to someone is unlikely to result in transmission.

How to practice

Canceling critical social events, such as sporting concerts and events, school closures, pubs, and cafes, and having individuals work at home rather than in an office, are all examples of social distancing tactics. Remaining within your own house with the folks in your household and not inviting even one additional family across to your house is what social distancing entails. While operating from home is suggested, some people cannot do so. Keep your hands clean and keep at least six feet away from other individuals in these situations.