What should be the best size of hookah?

This is one of the widely asked questions by people these days, who wish to smoke hookahs for the first time and for them, here is the best answer in this article. The size of hookah that you want to buy is totally your preference and its size does not affect the performance of hookahs. It is only the matter of handling them and usually people prefer hookahs which are between 28 and 32 inches. This is because only they can be moved easily from one place to another, without taking much effort and bigger hookahs have to be lifted with some additional care.

There is a belief that longer hookahs are more preferable than smaller ones, as there is little change in their performance and yes, it is true. It is a fact that the quality of smoke is affected by the height of hookahs. But if you want to handle it in a better way, then you have to go for one that can be easily moved from one place to another. When you buy smaller size hookahs, it can be easily portable and it makes you more convenient and comfortable.

best size of hookah

When you have to enjoy the high quality smoke, then you have to prefer hookahs of bigger size shaft. This way you can make the smoke cooler and so you can get the smoke of great quality. Therefore, we can say that the size as well as the thickness can act as an excellent factor to determine the quality of hookah. There are several accessories that come with hookah like tube and one of them is bowl which is at its top.

When you are buying hookah, it is essential for you to consider this bowl too, as these bowls can be made up of various materials. Not everything is suited well for the hookah and so you have to choose one that works well for a long time. Selecting one is important but you also have to know how to pack a bowl.

So that you can choose one that does not get too hot for grabbing it.