What are the benefits unlimited bandwidth servers can have over the other kinds?

With the growing population over the web, any well-established brand or store is sure to see huge amounts of traffic on their websites. It is a tedious task to control the traffic and to manage loads of hits. Huge teams in these companies work very hard to constantly distribute the loads and to not turn the server down. If you have a firm like this, and if you are expecting whooping amounts of hits, at a time, on your website, you need unlimited bandwidth servers.

What is it that makes dedicated servers so expensive?

Fundamentally, a dedicated server is a supercomputer with massive storage capacity, processing power, etc. and the difference between buying or renting a dedicated server, or renting VPS / shared hosting, is that unlimited bandwidth servers will let you have the entire system to yourself without having to share the IPs or the storage or the processing power with anyone else.

cheapest dedicated servers

They usually come with more than a Terabyte storage capacity, greater than 4GB memory, and 4 CPU cores. They are highly functional, fast, and have a 99.5% or more uptime. They also offer flexibility to choose between Windows and Linux OS. They provide better security of data and more than one dedicated IP address. However, all these facilities come at a cost. They are expensive and require even greater amounts for renewal.

How to find a cheap dedicated server?

Besides burning a deep hole in your pocket, buying a dedicated server will also mean that you will have to keep the server for life, even when you are shutting down the company. So, renting is a safer option. Renting also lets you get cheap dedicated servers service, in addition to the technical support you will receive from the firm that is renting you the server. There are numerous websites out there, from India and abroad, where you can check and rent a dedicated server for yourself. The websites from abroad offer these services at much cheaper rates than those in India.