What are the different types of digital currencies? 

Cash is more imperative to lead a day to day existence. We need cash to buy things like the arrangement, and different items. The banks are accessible to set aside cash, to get advances, credit, and so on. A large portion of individuals have accounts in banks. There are different kinds of records in banks, for example, fixed store accounts, investment account, current records, and so forth. In the olden days, individuals need to go to banks to send and get cash from their records to another. This kind of cash exchange cycle may take quite a while. Along these lines, individuals need to invest a ton of energy in banks. Thus, they may turn out to be more drained. Yet, nowadays, technology has improved a lot. Currencies are available in two types such as fiat currency and digital currency. Bitcoin is one of the most widely used digital currencies. Therefore, you can convert bitcoin into any of the standard money. For example, you can convert btc to aud.

  1. Ripple

It is a decentralized currency. Ripple is an exchange of real-time currency. It may provide instant, exact, and less-charge foreign payments. It is also called as the Ripple Transaction Protocol or Ripple protocol.

  1. Ethereum

This is one of the digital currencies. It is a decentralized computing platform. It may provide Ethereum Virtual Machine. This platform may allow various uses concerning smart contracts. This is safe to use in business. It will be helpful while doing business with unknown people

  1. Litecoin

This type of digital currency is almost similar to Bitcoins. It is a cryptocurrency and is released under the MIT/X11 authorization. The formation and transfer of Litecoin depend on an open-source protocol.

  1. Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is one of the famous among digital currencies. This type of digital currency is widely used by people. This currency can be used to buy products locally and digitally. Therefore, use an accurate converter tool to convert btc to aud.